A Biography about Sophie (100 Word Writing Challenge)

As cool as ice, Sophie will bring a smile to your face. Her hilarious (funny) sense of humour will light your day as soon as you step into the same room. She will say what she feels whether you want to hear it or not, which is sometimes a good thing. Sophie has a strong (big) passion for swimming that she shares with her many friends and some parts of her family. Sophie is a kind, respectful and loyal friend that you can trust with your life, you definitely want Sophie as a friend. 

Sally (100 Word Writing Challenge)

Sweet as sugar, Sally came to school every day, preparing to teach an ecstatic bunch of 3-year-old girls. Motivated to teach them she had a new intention for every day of the year. When students asked her a question, she would reply with only the honest truth, even when she didn’t know the answer. Occasionally, she would ask the class if anyone wanted to take the ELC bunny Poppy home. The girls would go wild, all of them wanting to take home the famous Poppy. Going to sleep each night, every single girl would wonder what excitement the next day holds.


A Biography of Harley (100 Word Writing Challenge)


December 2017. A tiny little Tea-cup Cavoodle stepped inside the big Queensland home, tired from the long drive.

This little puppy is called Harley. Little Harley, is from Precious Puppies, a trusted breeder who treats all his Poodles and Cavaliers fairly.

He is no bigger than your Gran’s handbag and no smaller than a ball! The tiny creature warms every heart, including his new mate Scooby, another of the Smith’s dogs. His affectionate family love him dearly and take very good care of him. His sleeping teddy cuddles him every night, he can’t go to sleep without it!

We all love Harley.



My Final Thank You

Dear Readers, Commenters and Visitors,

Thank you. Thank you for visiting my blog, reading my posts and leaving beautiful comments.
In my opinion, the Student Blogging Challenge is an amazing way to connect and interact with people we don’t know, people we haven’t met. Be kind to everyone, no matter their difference. If not, it will come back to bite you……

Always remember that beauty is not in the image, but through words. Every week when I visited your blogs, I saw that beauty. Writing is magic that can take you anywhere you choose. When the writing captures you, let it. When it gives you a dangerous path, take it! What’s the worst that can happen? When you read someone’s post, accept the story they are trying to tell, follow it to the end because let me tell you, the author appreciates it.

Every time I look at the Flipboard magazine I check out some of the posts and wow. They are amazing. The same magic is there! When you constantly read others posts you start to connect them. They start to piece together in a way never heard of before. The author puts in the time and the effort to make their post great for you. I have put countless hours into this blog, just for you. Everyone’s post is special, no matter what!

To add to all that, think about the Google Forms, how many times did you enter one? I did it every time, what did you do? This all comes down to pride. Pride comes from you. To be proud of your work can lift you on top of the world. Being proud of yourself is everything. If you aren’t proud of your work you’re world could change. As I said, pride lifts you on top of the world, it’s something special. Take time to make your work great, to make it something you’re proud of. Never forget that.

Finally, what I learnt. The question of life, what did you learn? The simplest but most hard question in the world. All those paragraphs that you just read, each one had a message. A special message for every individual.
But I have a question for you, what did YOU learn?

Biography Of Ed Sheeran (100 Word Writing Challenge

Ed Sheeran

Who is the famous singer songwriter we all think we know.

Well, Edward Christopher Sheeran was born February 17 in 1991. Little Ed Sheeran was born with a port wine stain birthmark on his face, but he had it lasered off at a very young age. One day they forgot to put the anaesthetic on and ever since then he had a stutter. At school he was constantly bullied because of his severe stuttering. Poor Ed.

Lucky for us, he later wrote many songs, adopting folk music. He later wrote more pop songs staring his British accent, making himself famous. Now, we all know Ed Sheeran as a eminent pop singer, known all around the world.



My Bucket List

For Week 9 of our Student Blogging Challenge, I decided to share my Bucket List with you all!! I have put my top 30 on this list. If your Bucket List is similar, let me know what we have in common! Now, prepare yourself for Arabella’s Crazy Impossible/Maybe Possible Bucket List!!

  1. Ride a dolphin
  2. Personally know someone famous
  3. Ride a dog sled in the snow
  4. Abseil across the Amazon Rainforest
  5. Jump off a cliff
  6. Pat a shark
  7. Go skydiving
  8. Independently sail a boat
  9. Chase a tornado
  10. Ride a horse into the ocean
  11. Make a snowman
  12. Sleep in an igloo
  13. Stand under a waterfall
  14. Fall (safely) down a waterfall
  15. Become a celebrities best friend
  16. Be a Flower Girl at a wedding
  17. Meet Barack Obama
  18. Swim in the world’s largest swimming pool
  19. Do a triathlon
  20. Do a Colour Run
  21. Solve a Rubix’s cube
  22. Learn to juggle
  23. Go to the Olympics
  24. Live in a house by a lake
  25. Travel the whole entire world
  26. Drink juice from a coconut on a tropical island
  27. Create a new flavour of ice-cream
  28. Be asked for an autograph
  29. Learn to use stilts
  30. Have my name on a star at the ‘Walk Of Fame’ in LA

Well, there you go, my Bucket List. If you pat a shark, let me know how it feels. When you ride a horse into the ocean, tell me how you felt. I only ever made a Bucket List because I want to grow up and regret the things I did. Not the things I didn’t do. I want to be able to wake up one morning and tell my kids we are going to have coffee with Reese Witherspoon. I want to be able to tell my grandchildren to visit my star at the Walk Of Fame when they fly out to LA. How exhilarating would it be to do all those things? It would be AMAZING. Incredible even.
If you have a Bucket List you want to share, leave the link! I would love to see it!

I can’t wait to hear from you all,

Count Out 3

Hi everyone!
This week I am going to be playing a game, it’s called Count Out Three. The rules of the game are very simple:

First visit the March 2018 Students or the March 2018 Classes   -Count One

Then go to a blog that is on their blogroll (A blogroll is the little widget that has other blog links on it!)  -Count Two

Once you are on that blog click on another blog in their blogroll.  -Count Three

Then finally, leave a comment on the last blog you visited. Your comment can be on a post or a page, it can say whatever you want! Only leave your comment if it is something you think the writer would want to hear.

I played the game 3 times, this is how it went:

Game 1
Count One
Count Two
Count Three

I left a comment on Olivia’s post about “Quotes”
Hi Olivia!
I absolutely LOVE this quote! Helen Keller has some really awesome quotes, I wonder if you could find more of her quotes?
You can visit my blog at: http://arabellaw618.edublogs.org/

Game 2
Count One
Count Two
Count Three

I left a comment on Evelyn’s post about Water 💧 Solution 💦
Hi Evelyn! My name is Arabella.
I totally agree. This is a very big Global Issue. I like how you had a solution for the problem. The text sent a short but strong message to all readers.
Keep writing,

Game 3
Count One
Count Two
Count Three

I left a comment on Chloe’s post about where she lives
Hi Chloe!
Wow, Comox Valley looks incredible! I love swimming in lakes as well! What type of gymnastics do you do? I don’t do it, but I would (some day) love to give it a try!
If I ever come to Comox Valley, I will be sure you let you know!

I hope you enjoyed playing!

Flag Counter!

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to let you all know that I only added my flag counter a few days ago so it looks a little empty! Remember you don’t have to do anything to get counted, it just happens.
Happy blogging!!


Vultures (200 word writing challenge)

Click click click! The camera was flashing as Alice Allen was taking some amazing photos. “I just want you to move a little bit to the left……….yep just there,” Said Alice. The model shifted. Click click click!
“OK! We’re moving!” Called Alice. The crew picked up their equipment and started walking. “Miss Allen? Where are we going? My compass says we are going north and-”
“Oh be quiet George, we are going to be fine! I am reading the map and I am reading it correctly so stop yapping and pick up the pace.” Interrupted Alice.
“Excuse me, but where has the model gone?” Asked George.
“What do you mean!” Alice turned around. “She’s gone! She disappeared!” But Alice had noticed something else. The crew was gone! Her camera crew had disappeared!
“Gone! I can’t believe it!” Muttered Alice. She looked back at George, waiting for one of his silly questions. But he wasn’t there either! Alice kept walking, thinking. She constantly looked behind her, to make sure nothing was following, but nothing, no-one was there.
Suddenly, she felt her feet leaving the ground. She looked up, clutching her Tommy Hilfiger top was a vulture.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Screamed Alice. Alice tried to wriggle free but the vulture’s sharp claws dug into her shoulders even more as the vulture gripped her tighter. She looked down, she was at least 100 meters in the air, she stopped wriggling. The vulture dived, deep and fast. Alice was thwacked into trees, branches and dragged through leaves. Suddenly, the vulture stopped. Alice felt herself falling.

Beautiful New Story, I Love You…… A MUST Read!


The wind whispered in her ear, her mind and head spinning. She didn’t know where she was and she didn’t know why, all she had was a small backpack. She looked inside the backpack. A map, a compass and a change of clothes. How useful. She thought to herself.
She started to think, who had left her on the side of the road? Who could do that to an 11 year old girl? Suddenly it hit her. Her ‘family’ did this. They had thrown her out of the car and drove of into the night, leaving poor little Harriet Darlington on the edge of the road……

Harriet Darlington was born in Ethiopia and sent to an orphanage at birth. An American government had forced her parents to give her away and she lived in the orphanage for 9 years. While many families applied for her they turned away as they saw her, no-one liked her. It was only till the orphanage got sick of her and forced a couple to take her, that she finally found a family. The couple unkindly took Harriet back to Australia and took her to their home. The couple put up with her, giving her a new name (Harriet) and changing her last name from Eddel to Darlington. Harriet, or should I say Ayana lived with the Darlington’s for 2 years, until this. Until they shoved her in their car and drove to the airport, boarded a plane and flew to Ethiopia. They had hired a car and drove for 4 hours, weaving through the dirt roads. Then dumped her. On the side of the road, left alone, to live her last few hours.

Cars, people and motorcycles passed. Staring at her, not giving her a second thought. Some people stopped and talked to her but she didn’t understand them. The Darlington’s told her to never speak Ethiopian again and to forget about it. Ayana obeyed and as a result, here she was, trying to recall the familiar sounds. Ayana knew there was no point begging, no-one ever has food or money and if they did it would be too precious to share.
Ayana was quietly lying on the ground for 2 hours thinking about her life, her biological parents. She remembered her mothers warm arms, holding her tight. Her fathers happy smile as she entered the world. She remembered her mothers salty tears against her cheek when she said goodbye, her fathers warm lips touching her forehead.

“Ayana?” A voice called. Ayana sat up, looking around. “Ayana baby, is that you?” The voice said again. Ayana recognised the voice almost instantly. “Mother?” Ayana questioned. Ayana stood up, her legs wobbling. She slowly turned around until she was facing a beautiful woman, long jet black hair and piercing dark eyes. A dazzling man was standing next to her, smiling his big wide smile. Tears trickled down Ayana’s face. She staggered towards them, her body almost paralysed in shock. When she came to them she stopped. She looked at their faces, they were filled with joy, crying with happiness. Ayana burst into tears and launched at her parents, holding them close. Her parents hugged her back, her mothers tears running down her cheek once more and her fathers warms lips kissing her forehead. Ayana looked up at them again, their warm smiles melting her little heart. Then Ayana whispered the three most important words in the world, “I love you.”

I got my inspiration from this photo. Again, this is from the Unsplash website, so feel free to check it out! The photos are all free, you just have to embed a button or reference it (properly). If you click on the button it will take you to Pierre Châtel-Innocenti’s page but if you look to the top left corner you will see the Unsplash logo. Click on that, and it will take you to the home page.

unsplash-logoPierre Châtel-Innocenti