Bibliography Of Images

For Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge, I decided to check all my bibliography.

For my background image I used:
Unsplash Artem Verbo
I chose this image because I absolutely love swimming. I train 4-5 times a week for 1-2 hours. I love swimming with my friends but I also enjoy competing against them. Swimming is a social AND competitive sport because you have heaps of time to talk with your friends and you also have to know how to put your game face on.

For my header image I used:
Unsplash Clark Tibbs
The reason why I chose this was because I believe that there is no limited amount of people that can change the world or people that can make a difference. Everyone can do something great.

If you click on the buttons it will take you to the Unsplash website. The images are absolutely amazing and completely free! If you use one of their images make sure give credit to the photographer by embedding a badge or button. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Bibliography Of Images

  1. Hi Arabella,
    Let me start by introducing myself: I teach English as a Foreign Language in Portugal and have been teaching for over 20 years. Besides teaching, I also love reading and blogging. Even though I have been blogging for a while, this is my first participation in this amazing student challenge. Hope I am up to the challenge as you are😊.
    I agree with your opinion concerning the choice of your image source – it does contain stunning images and free and you did the right thing by adding attribution. However, I would have liked to know why you chose those particular images for your background and header.
    Looking forward to reading your explanations 😉.
    Best wishes,
    Teacher Alex

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